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Ollie Lovell on visiting Michaela, XP School and the Self-Managed Learning College

Ollie Lovell is a teacher and podcaster based in Melbourne, Australia, and the host of the Education Research Reading Room (ERRR) podcast. He is also the author of two books: Cognitive Load Theory in Action and Tools for Teachers.

Earlier this year, Ollie visited the UK on a whirlwind tour of three fascinatingly different educational institutions: Michaela School in North London, often described as the strictest school in the country; XP School in Doncaster, which places great emphasis on pastoral care, beautiful work and expeditionary learning; and the Self-Managed Learning College in Brighton, where the students literally manage their own learning.

In this conversation, we explore Ollie's reflections on his visits to Michaela, XP and SMLC.


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