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The Learner Effectiveness Programme (LEP) is a whole-school approach to developing more confident, proactive, self-regulated learners. It’s a bespoke approach that can be tailored to any setting, which combines taught lessons with embedded elements across the curriculum.

An eight-year study by researchers at the University of Cambridge found that the LEP:


  • Significantly improves attainment

  • Significantly closes the disadvantage gap

  • Boosts confidence and communication skills 


We have now implemented the LEP in many schools all over the world. And as you can see in the video testimonials below, the positive impact on academic, social and emotional outcomes has been replicated in other settings. 


Teacher voice

Academic gains


There are three elements to the LEP training package:


1. Creating self-regulated learners


Four 90-min workshops for all teaching and support staff, to establish a joined-up approach to teaching and learning across the school:

  • Introduction to self-regulated learning

  • Metacognition: monitor and control your thought processes

  • Self-regulation: monitor and control your feelings and behaviours

  • Oracy: learn to talk, learn through talk 


The workshops are available in three formats: 


A. Facilitated programme (face-to-face, remote or blended)

B. Online course (this is the most cost-effective)

C. Blended (part-facilitated, part-online)


2. Co-planning the curriculum 


This usually involves 6x 3h workshops, working with a core teaching team to design, plan and resource a Learner Effectiveness Programme bespoke to your context. This might involve taught lessons, embedded elements across the curriculum - or a combination of both.

3. Making Change Stick


Assemble a 'vertical slice team' and work through the Making Change Stick programme to ensure that the Learning Skills curriculum improves academic, behavioural, and social and emotional outcomes for your learners - and to make sure these improved outcomes are sustained in the years to come.


The Making Change Stick programme is available in three formats: 


  1. Facilitated programme (face-to-face, remote or blended)

  2. Online course (this is the most cost-effective)

  3. Blended (part-facilitated, part-online)


You can also arrange top-up implementation coaching sessions as needed (e.g. 6x 1h sessions over the course of a year)


See here for more details about this element of the training.




  • Creating self-regulated learners is suitable for all teaching and support staff 

  • Co-planning the taught lessons is suited to a specialist team of Learning Skills teachers

  • The Make Change Stick can be completed by existing or aspiring school leaders, but it is really intended to be completed by a 'vertical slice team' of stakeholders from throughout the school community 




We operate a scale of fees depending on the size of the school. Hit the button below to receive a quote - or book in for a free 30-minute consultation with Dr James Mannion.

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