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Our mission - to improve the way we educate current and future generations - is underpinned by three core beliefs and three core values.



  1. Education is humanity's best bet for bringing about a more harmonious, less hair-raising state of world affairs.

  2. Alongside the many wonderful features of our education system, there are many areas for improvement. We can see this in the widespread absenteeism, in the spiralling mental health crisis, in the recruitment and retention figures… the list goes on. 

  3. We can - and must - reconfigure the education system to promote human flourishing - at the level of individuals, families, schools, communities, nations and the planet.



  1. Agency. We believe the aim of education should be to create knowledgeable, agentic, self-actualising human beings who are ready, willing and able to shape the world around them for the better.

  2. Competence. This means knowing your onions, with a dash of humility. In recent years, there has been much talk of "what works" in education. But "what works?" is a terrible question. What works for whom, to what extent, and on what measures? It is, however, important to be research-informed. And we are - in everything that we do.

  3. Connection. Fixing the education system is something that we all must do together. We bring people together in a range of ways:




There are two aspects to our work at Rethinking Education:


  1. To help schools get *even better* at what they do. We do this through:

  2. To improve education at a system level. We do this through:

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