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What if young people felt confident and empowered in our schools?

My session is about young people playing a major role within the education system, and having ownership over what they learn, how they learn and when they learn it. In this interactive presentation, we will consider how the system is configured currently, my lived experience as a young person within the education system, and some solutions that I feel are needed to give young people more voice and more choice within the education system.



Yumna is a student, campaigner, writer, poet and public speaker, who uses creative approaches to generate social change, namely, revolutionising our global food, healthcare & education systems. Previously the Youth MP for Birmingham, Yumna ensures that young people’s voices are directly embedded within decision making and governance. Yumna works with organisations focussed on transforming the education system into one that is equitable, decolonised and foregrounds the views of learners.

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