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Time to reset the English Schooling system: We need to trust teachers more

Sir Tim Brighouse argues that there have been two distinctly different ages affecting the English Schooling system – one of ‘optimism and trust’ and the second (which we are still in) of ‘markets, centralisation and managerialism’. He will argue that there are clear signs that we are moving into a new age of ‘ambition, hope and collaborative partnerships’. That will only be achieved however if certain key reforms are implemented to remove ‘failure-inducing practices’ from the system. In conversation with James Mannion.



Sir Tim Brighouse is a well-known and influential British educator. He was the Schools Commissioner for London between 2002–2007, where he led the incredibly successful London Challenge. Tim was knighted in the 2009 New Year Honours list. With Mick Waters, Tim recently co-authored ‘About Our Schools: Improving on Previous Best’.

But 'About Our Schools' by Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters -

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