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It’s personal: Supporting young learners to find and follow their passions

The learning landscape of a classroom is rich in diversity. Each learner brings their unique story to the group, creating a ‘human library’ of sorts. Young learners tell us over and over again that they long to have opportunities to both discover, investigate and share the things they care deeply about. And they have the right to do so! In this video presentation Kath will share some of the insights, impacts and challenges arising from a decade of exploring personal inquiry with children and their teachers.



Kath Murdoch is highly regarded for her work in the field of inquiry-based learning in which she has taught, written and researched for over 35 years. She is fiercely committed to working ‘on the ground’ in classrooms with children and educators as she explores the delights and complexities of bringing an inquiry stance to learning and teaching. Kath is the author of over 15 books for teachers including the best-selling ‘Power of Inquiry’. Her most recent book is ‘Getting Personal with Inquiry Learning.’

Kath's video is not publicly available due to image rights. However if you send her a Direct Message on Twitter (@kjinquiry), she will be happy to provide you with access.

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