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The archaeology of education – an institution built on sand?

The way schools work today reflects a mish-mash of precedents and assumptions – and it isn’t working: not for the ‘forgotten third’ destined to be educational failures, nor for the exam successes who can’t self-organise or think independently when they get to uni (because thinking and organising have always been done for them). The question is: how deep do we have to dig to find the root causes of school’s failure and the seeds of a better model? What are the real reasons why most schools are not conducive to deeper learning? In this conversation, Guy Claxton and James Mannion discuss the need to revive the radical critiques of the 1970s – Ivan Illich, John Holt, and many others – which are now more urgent and pertinent than ever.



Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist specialising in the expandability of human capacities. His scientific contributions are captured in books such as Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind, The Wayward Mind and Intelligence in the Flesh. Guy’s other books, including Wise Up: The Challenge of Lifelong Learning, What’s the Point of School? and The Future of Teaching make powerful cases for the reform of education.

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