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Dreaming of an Edutopia: Challenges, opportunities and threats

In this session, I will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both our current knowledge rich, instructive paradigm and its contrasting, more skills orientated and project based alternatives. I will unpick our obsession with measuring and raising academic standards, but be equally scornful of the nebulous concept of ’21st century skills.’ I will propose an innovative structure of the school day, school week and curriculum from 7-14, and re-imagine a range of pathways from 14-19.



Toby transcended his socially privileged school education by accidentally becoming a pharmaceutical scientist. He was later the Director of an educational charity before succumbing to the joys and frustrations of the classroom aged 41. He loves teaching and attempting to inspire and nurture the next generation of scientists, and is increasingly interested in philosophy, the importance of the arts in education and fundamental educational reform. He also co-hosts the excellent Late Late show on Teachers Talk Radio.

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