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Our evolving Curriculum of Hope

In 2019, we began a curriculum design journey with Dr Debra Kidd. Driven by our school values – curiosity, courage and connection – along with a resolute determination to confound the polarised views of education that reflect the world at large, our curriculum is knowledge-rich but keeps humanity at its heart. During this session we will share the evolution of our planning process, examples of projects and our successes and failures along the way. Co-facilitated with Debra Kidd.



Tina Farr is the Headteacher of St. Ebbe’s Primary School in central Oxford, and was formerly Headteacher at Carswell Primary School. Their mission is to nurture ‘Wise, compassionate citizens with the power to make a difference,’ through strong relationships, helping each child to uncover their personal genius and creating a highly engaging curriculum which matters.

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