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Creating the world we want to live in: Rethinking Education [#ReConf22]

This brief presentation explores the links between the Times Education Commission Report (June2022) and the chapter on Education in Creating the World We Want to Live In (Routledge 2021). Both say the current system is not fit for purpose in the 21st Century - neither for young people and their futures nor the health of the planet. To enable every child, young person and community to flourish we need creativity, agency, diversity, wellbeing as core school business and joy in learning. The presentation ends with a brief video about why we wrote the book. All children matter.



Dr Sue Roffey has been a teacher, educational psychologist, academic and consultant. She is a prolific author on issues of school and student wellbeing including behaviour, relationships, social and emotional learning, teacher wellbeing, positive education and social justice. She is currently honorary associate professor at UCL, associate fellow at Western Sydney University and Director of Growing Great Schools Worldwide. Sue works internationally and is often asked to speak on these issues in countries as far afield as Iceland, China, Kazhakstan and Wales.

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