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Da Vinci Life-Skills: A biophilic education movement

Together, Rosina Dorelli, Zach Reznichek and Farhaan Mir, have built the Da Vinci Life-Skills curriculum and assessment model, supported by young people, teachers and academics. It is a vision for the future of education, a new model in which a polymath like Leonardo Da Vinci could flourish. Da Vincian Learners are insatiably curious, take risks and learn through all their senses and from their mistakes. They appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and nurture their intuition, creativity, relationships and practical abilities as well as their academic critical thinking skills.



Rosina Dorelli is the Co-Founder and Director of Da Vinci Life-Skills. She has a background in furniture design, portraiture painting and 20 years experience in teaching creative expression, art and design technology to learners of all ages in schools, colleges and beyond. She has dedicated her life to making education more creative, inclusive, ethical and sustainable.

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