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The individual and societal benefits of a diverse academic curriculum

We are driven by the belief that a diverse education for all children can help to challenge damaging prejudices and stereotypes, benefiting our pupils and our whole society both academically and pastorally. Providing every student with a diverse and academically rigorous education is possible if schools have the right guidance. In this practical workshop, we will support participants in beginning the process of creating and teaching an academic and diverse curriculum. This will include strategies for differentiating complex academic texts for pupils of all abilities and needs.



Diverse History UK is an LGBTQ+ and female-owned business. We provide consultancy and resources to help schools diversify their curriculum. We know from experience that it is possible to include a truly diverse curriculum which explores lesser-told narratives from around the globe, all within the constraints of the National Curriculum and government impartiality guidance. Diverse History UK wants to help schools move away from single story narratives and towards teaching more inclusive and honest global histories.

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