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Governance by enquiry

School governance is complex and ever-changing. Governors often find themselves struggling to understand how they can be strategic, have an impact on the school and steer clear of operational mission-creep. Here is a way to organise your governance that will maintain interest and impact, and will ensure that governance is dynamic during meetings. Attendees will learn about the concept of governance by enquiry, will consider the structures and routines of their own governing board, and will explore how they might initiate their board’s first governance enquiry.



Penny Rabiger is a long-serving governor and trustee. She was a teacher in democratic and alternative schooling for over ten years in Jerusalem and returned to the UK in 2007 to join The Key for School Leaders where she was Director of Business Development. She has since worked with education organisations on their journeys from start-up to grown-up including Challenge Partners, Lyfta and Tranquiliti.

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