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The Parent Knack

Parents are traditionally eyed with suspicion by the English teaching profession – but it’s missing a trick. When you get it right, parents can build your school roll and massively improve the wellbeing and learning of all students. The session will look at groundbreaking ways in which parents can help schools, with reference to the pioneering Meet the Parents project founded by the speaker.



Madeleine Holt wears many educational hats. As a former Newsnight correspondent, she identified an information gap: prospective parents were relying on out-of-date playground gossip and needed to hear it from current parents and students instead. She set up Meet the Parents in North London a decade ago in response to seeing some parents automatically assume the local schools were no good. Madeleine was also the producer and narrator of the recent documentary ‘Above All, Compassion’ about XP School in Doncaster.

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