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A shared vision of the future?

To rethink education, we need two things: a critique and a vision. The critique part is easy enough. But coming up with a shared vision of the future – a vision that goes beyond simply fixing the problems we currently face – is no mean feat. Over the last year, members of the Rethinking Education Mighty Network – an online community of over 700 people from all over the world – has been meeting monthly to take on this task. In this practical workshop, James will share what we’ve come up with so far – and invite you to join us in the task of establishing a positive vision of the future that we can all get behind. Let’s get together and think it through!



Dr James Mannion is the Director of Rethinking Education and the host of the Rethinking Education podcast. Rethinking Education is a teacher training organisation, specialising in improving outcomes for young people and adults through the science of implementation, self-regulated learning and practitioner research. With Kate McAllister, James is the co-author of Fear is the Mind Killer: Why Learning to Learn deserves lesson time – and how to make it work for your pupils.

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