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What’s important for us to talk about today?’ Open Dialogue at Korowal School, Australia

What happens when you bring the social network around a student together to talk without an agenda and ask ‘What is important for us to talk about today?’ We will present an overview of ‘Open Dialogue’, explaining what led us to adopt this approach and how we have adapted it in a school setting. We will hear from students, families, teachers and health practitioners who have participated within these network meetings, and share the findings of recent research undertaken at our school – warts and all.



Barb Fitzgerald is Principal at Korowal. With a background in performance, directing and writing, Barb is a teacher and an educational leader, advocating for creativity in schools. Sarah Farrell-Whelan is a Senior Social Worker who has worked in the child and youth mental health domain for 15 years, and has completed The Open Dialogue Psychotherapy, Clinical level Family Therapy 3 year training. As Wellbeing Coordinator at Korowal, Sarah is a systemic therapist with a desire to bring this approach to enhance wellbeing practices in health and education.

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