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Sophie Christophy on Consent-Based Education

Sophie Christophy is a culture transformer, feminist, unschooling parent and activist. She works on deconstructing patriarchy, from childhood socialisation in education and family culture, and in organisational culture, by creating a shift to principles of consent and self-direction.

As a conduit for the emergence of a consent-based social and environmental paradigm, Sophie works with individuals and organisations on deschooling, integrating consent and self-direction based principles into practice, and on enhancing authenticity, integrity and transparency by aligning beliefs with behaviour. She also works these principles in her own life.

Sophie believes that consent-based self-direction is the key and pathway to self-actualisation and transcendence – something that all humans have the potential to experience in their life time – and, to being in right relationship with nature and planet of which we are part.

Since 2017 she has been running a Consent-Based Education course, working with people from all around the world on their transition from the dominant culture to this new emerging paradigm. In addition to this, she runs bespoke trainings and workshops, and is an inspiring guest speaker on themes including consent-based education and skillset, children’s rights, ethical change-making and paradigm shifting, and guidance for start-up founders of consent-based, self-directed settings.

In January 2018, she co-founded a consent-based, self-directed education setting called the Cabin, for home educated young people aged 5-11. To our knowledge, the Cabin is the first education setting for children in the UK to be explicitly designed through a lens of consent, self-direction and children’s rights. It is also the first to identify itself as Education Positive – a transdisciplinary education philosophy that breaks down traditional subject silos, hierarchy and gatekeeping, and instead is curiosity driven, problem-solving oriented, rooted in critical thinking, and an open access approach to learning based on children’s rights.

In 2021 she co-founded the Lodge, a follow on setting from the Cabin, a community for young people up to the age of 16.

For more details, visit sophiechristophy.


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