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Derry Hannam on becoming a democratic teacher in a state school





An astonishing conversation with Derry Hannam, a fascinating thinker and writer and practitioner of democratic education, and the author of ‘Another Way is Possible - Becoming a Democratic Teacher in a State School’.

In his 20 years as a teacher in English state secondary schools, Derry Hannam always tried to create environments where students could make choices about - and take control of - their own learning in a democratic and rights respecting context.

Derry has been described as a ‘bridge person’ who tries to bring about dialogue between the mainly private democratic education movement with its 500+ schools worldwide and state or public school systems. This has at times involved supporting democratic schools in legal actions, a role that Derry has played in England, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. He is currently supporting start-up democratic schools in several countries, advising them how best to work with their respective state systems.


Another Way is Possible - Becoming a Democratic Teacher in a State School

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