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David Price OBE on how to unleash the untold potential of people-powered innovation



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In this episode - the first to be released both as audio and video - I'm speaking with David Price OBE.

David is the author of two excellent books - ‘Open: How we'll work, live and learn in the future’ - and ‘The Power of Us - How we connect, act and innovate together’. It is this latter book that I’m mainly speaking with David about today.

Here are some of the lovely things people have written about The Power of Us:

‘The Power of Us is the first book that captures the cultural forces that power innovation, the structural elements to fuel people power, and the tool-kit to nurture mass innovation.’ (Annalie Killian, sparks & honey)

‘…the closest thing we're going to get to a single handbook…of all of the things that we need to do and consider as organisations and leaders…Funny, helpful and engaging and full of actionable ideas and anecdotes. Do yourself and your organisation a favour and read this book!’ (Dave Coplin, CEO Envisioneers Ltd)

‘Packed with fascinating case studies showing that innovation often comes from unexpected places and is the result of ordinary people who are willing to go against the grain. Essential reading if you want to imagine a better future and get inspired.’ (Sam Conniff Allende & Alex Barker, Be More Pirate)

I endorse all of these quotes, and I highly recommend reading David’s book. I can also highly recommend the conversation you are about to watch or listen to.

David is a thoroughly lovely man and an innovative thinker who has corralled together lots of ideas and case studies for how we can organise our lives and the wider world in a more fruitful and inclusive and less insane way.


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David's book The Power of Us

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